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Trade -In Your house
Get Your Dream Home

We will buy your old house , get you a loan approval

and move you into your dream home immediately.

No Waiting. No Hassle.

A BMVProp trade-in saves you the hassle of repairs, listing, showings, and months of uncertainty.

Get Trade-In Price

Get an estimate on how much we will buy your current house.

Choose Dream Home

Pick from our catalogue of CF-ready homes while we get you a bank loan approval.

Move In Immediately

Once you move in, your installment payment is switched to the new one.

Trade -In Is Clearly The Better Choice

Buying and Selling the Traditional Way

Put up your house for sale, then wait for months to get a seller.

You might not get a bank loan approval for the new house because of your outstanding current house loan.

The upfront payment for your new home is a strain on your financials.

You are stuck with 2 house loan payments because of timing mismatch in buying and selling.

SpeedProp Trade-In

We buy your house within 72 hours of the offer, all cash.

It is easier to get bank loan approval for your new house because your current home loan is settled.

We will settle the upfront payment for your new home on your behalf.

You stop paying your old installment, and start your new installment as soon as you move in.

The Easiest Way To Your Dream Home

Begin your journey now.