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Professional Property Management: Its Pros and Cons

by Speedprop on July 31, 2018
Professional Property Management: Its Pros and Cons

 Managing a real estate property is not easy. Lots of responsibilities to take into account. Therein lies the question. To hire or not to hire a professional property management. Hold on, before you decide whether or not to hire one, make sure you know some facts first. Let’s first talk about the different types of investment management before we begin to talk about its pros of cons.

What are the types of investment management?

There are two types of investment management. First, property management and second, asset management. The former is simply responsible for managing the property. From collecting monthly rent as well as keeping up with the tenants. The latter is more towards managing the financial aspect of investment property. Its main goal is none other than to minimize property expenses and maximise its profit.

The pros and cons of professional property management

 Here we are, what are the pros and cons of professional property management? Below is a list of them. Read and understand them. Then decide which option suits you best.

The pros

They know

Professionals at property management know the ins and outs of regulations and all the procedures associated with rental properties. That includes all its legal processes. Say a tenant gets behind the rent, legally speaking, the property management will know what to do.


Property management will save you a lot of time and energy. Property management itself is an entirely different business domain altogether. You don’t have to get yourself into it but instead, focus on just making a profit from rental properties.

They’re professionals

They’re called professionals simply because they are. They know what they’re doing. They know the business. They know how to market your property and turn them into profitable rental properties.

Certified staff for emergencies

They can be reached at 24/7. Property management companies have certified experienced staff at their disposal for such emergencies.


Having a professional property management company managing your property will definitely save you a lot of time and energy. You can focus on doing something else.

The cons


You won’t know your tenants like your professional property management does. A miscommunication tends to occur if you seldom talk to your tenants. You said A, your property management understood B. And your tenants did C.


Having property management at your side doesn’t mean you’re no longer involved in real estate business you get your passive income from. You’d still need to talk or manage your property manager so that they could keep track of your business performance.

Your investment. Your responsibilities

You have you vision. You know what you need to do to achieve them. Others don’t. No one will be able to do it precisely the way you had imagined it.


Hiring a property management company reduces your profit margin. You have to pay them. Keep that in mind when you do your calculations.

What to look for?

So, you’ve decided to hire one? Yes, as we have mentioned before, having a professional property manager can mean saving you a lot of time and energy. If that’s the case, we want you to hire the right one. Below is a couple of useful tips of what to look for in property management.


Ask other experienced real estate investors. Who did they hire to become their professional property managers? Don’t forget to ask them for recommendations too.

Get to know them

So, you have collected a list of property management companies. What to do next? Prepare some major questions. Contact and ask them those questions. Answers to these questions could be great indicators of how good they are at what they do.

Talk to your tenants

Alternatively, you can ask your tenants yourself. Ask whether they’re ok with the property manager that you’ve hired.