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The Investment Property Calculator Guide

by Speedprop on May 3, 2018
The Investment Property Calculator Guide

The investment property calculator is one of the most useful real estate investing tools you should pay very close attention to. Why? Because the tool is smarter than you. Why so? Let’s explore what can the tool actually do to help real estate investors like you succeed.

The Investment Property Calculator

The tool is able to shorten the time frame the old method of researching takes to come up with a sound, in-depth investment property and financial analysis. In other words, it eliminates the need of painstakingly gathering a colossal amount of data and filling it in spreadsheets yourself. The calculator also gives you a far more accurate insightful result as opposed to the old method. What’s more is that it can produce such results faster by a factor of 85.

What Does it Compute?

The investment property calculator calculates a number of crucial real estate metrics, which includes

  1. Cash Flow

The cash flow refers to the amount of money left after the real estate investor deducted the total initial costs associated with the said property. What it meant to say is, investors commonly expect to receive higher amounts of money, which they should, than the money they had to pay for its associated expenses.

  1. Cap Rate

The cap rate refers to the percentage of return on investment property, calculated based on the potential income that the said property will generate.

  1. Cash on cash return

The cash on cash return refers to the rate of return an investor gets after having invested in a property. Cash on cash return is a metric customarily used to determine commercial real estate investment performance.

  1. Return on investment

Return on investment is a profit a real-estate investor receives from his or her property investment. Calculating its return percentage prior to investing in a real estate property would be the right thing to do.

  1. Potential Rental Income

Like the name suggests, potential rental income refers to any potential rental income the real estate investor receives after having invested in a property of his or her choice. What can investment property calculator do here is to come out with an estimated rental income.

What About Blockchainprop’s Investment Property Calculator?

Blockchainprop’s investment property calculator provides you with much more detailed investment analyses compared to any other investment property calculator. The analysis comes with all kinds of helpful results such as numbers regarding occupancy rates, the median property price, optimal rental strategy and so forth. This insightful result helps the real estate investor makes a profit out of the real estate investing. The calculator is also capable of indicating whether or not any specific neighbourhood in Malaysia is a good investment area. With this information, the real estate investor will be able to pick a specific finance strategy prior to investing.

Why Is an Investment Property Calculator Smarter than an Investor?

The property investment calculator is smarter than any investor because of these three main reasons.

  1. Quicker and Accurate Results

The calculator computes all these real estate metrics faster than the human could ever do. Imagine having had to collect all these data yourself and enter manually using spreadsheets? Imagine the time and the effort needed to complete this daunting task? It can be very time-consuming. Not to mention the mistakes you’re likely to make while doing all those calculations. The investment property calculator is, therefore, the smarter choice.

  1. It Has Much More Data Available

Ask any real estate investor, having enough and right data at your disposal is of utmost importance, that it should be the number one priority at the moment if you want to succeed in the real estate investing. Blockchainprop’s investment property calculator has a colossal amount of data made available for you. Make use of this data when comparing different potential properties all over Malaysia.

  1. The Investment Property Calculator Takes Into Consideration Many More Variables

Lastly, the investment property calculator also provides you with insightful results that you didn’t even think about. It stood to reason that why the investment property calculator should be used by all real estate investors if he or she wanted to get the best information before making an investment in real estate.